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Change Seats If

‘Change Seats If‘ is an exciting and fun activity that is very effective in improving students’ listening skills. This activity is a great way to end a busy class and or to burn off extra energy and help focus your students. Students are sure to enjoy this active listening activity.
1. All that is required is for you say "change seats if …" before making any statement. (You can use other phrases such as "exchange seats if…" "Switch
seats if…")
Proceed by saying "change seats if ..."
“You are a boy”
“You love your teacher!”
“You are a good student”
“You love chocolate”
"You own a CD"
"You love Justin Bieber"
"You would like to visit America"
"You are a Girl"
"You walk to school"
"You like learning English"
"You have a brother"
"You have brown hair"
"You are sitting beside a boy"
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"You are sitting beside a girl"
"You favourite colour is red"
"You have a sister"
Include some funny sentences in the game, such as:
'You have three legs.
'Your hair is purple.'
'You live in a tree.'
'You have a pet tiger.'
'You can fly.'
'You have two eyes.'
'Yyou are wearing shoes.'
'You can hear me.'

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