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Cave People

Cave People
Cave people lived thousand years ago,
They lived in a cave, it was their home.
They made a fire and cooked some meat,
They didn’t have towns and didn’t have streets.
Cave people went fishing and hunting too.
They liked to pick berries and mushrooms in woods.
They didn’t have dresses and didn’t have skirts.
They didn’t have jeans, they didn’t have shirts.
They ate bananas, they ate some nuts.
They didn’t eat pasta and pizza but…
They didn’t have homework and didn’t have schools
And their life was really cool!
By Елена Котова

Write sentences about cave people.
Model: Cave people didn't live in houses. They lived in caves.
     in house                             meat                       jeans                       pets
     in caves                             pizza                       skins                        TV

Choose the correct words.  
1. Do Does Did  the cat live in the museum now? 
2. Do Does Did cave people live / Did they live / Did they live many years ago?  
3. Do Does Did the children go to the museum yesterday?  
4. Do Does Did your parents usually eat ice cream?  
5. Do Does Did your grandmother usually wear jeans?  
6. Do Does Did your friend go to a disco last week?  
Write a sentence 
1. he / see / did / at the museum / What /?  
2. didn't / dresses / people / Cave / wear /.  
3. made / people / fires / Cave /.  
4. Did / lived / 150 million years ago / dinosaurs /?  
5.  Lily/ Did / like / museum /?  
6. didn't / to the museum / Mrs. Bell / yesterday / go /.
Write the verbs in the past form.
1. Many years ago the cat was wild. become
2. Не in the forest. run
3. One day he very hungry. give
4 .Ne to the cavе. be
5. The cat with the baby. live
6. The woman the cat milk. be
7. The cat a domestic animal. play
Live       - lived                                     say  -  
              - ran                                               - gave
wear      -                                         think    -
              -  drank                             smile    - 
              -   made                                         - came 
become -                                                     - had
 cook     -                                                    - saw 
             - ate                                               - got

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