Quick Minds PDF

Quick Minds 1 Activity Book
Quick Minds 1 Pupil's Book

Phonics focus 

Quick Minds 2 Activity Book
Quick Minds 2 Pupil's Book

Phonics focus 2
Troy's grandpa's got a great big green dragon.
Look at the books all over the room!
Jane and a snake make cakes ona rainy day.
Luke's chewing Sue's new blue shoes!
A hippo and a goat with a hole in their boat.
 The zoo keeper gives lizards bananas for dinner.
Where's the watermelon, Wally?
Jeen keeps her teeth realy clean.

Quick Minds 3 Activity Book
Quick Minds 3 Pupil's Book

Phonics focus 3
Gus pats his pets a lot.
DJ cool K plays CDs for ETs from planet QB3.
Vic sells big balloons from the back of his van.
A crowd is watching the clown show from the window.

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