Monkeys are interesting animals. They have got hair on their body and they have got a tail. They have a face similar to human face.
They are generally vegetarian so they like fruits and vegatables.They like bananas very much. But they can eat insects,too.
They are intelligent animals. They can use stones and they can peel fruits. Scientists teach them human language and they can understand it but they can’t speak it.
They are social animals. They have got tribes. They live in the rainforest and they sleep on the trees. They work together and they get their food. Sometimes, they work together and they steal their food from humans! They are intelligent, funny and amazing animals.

Answer the questions below.
Have mokeys got hair on their body?
Can monkeys eat meat?
Can monkeys peel fruits?
Can a monkey speak human languages?
Where do they live in?
Where do they sleep?
Can they steal food?

Grandpa’s Birthday.
Yesterday it was Grandpa’s birthday so Tessa and Susie’s mother cooked a special dinner for Grandpa and Grandma. The girls helped their mother. Tessa prepared some vegetables and Susie helped Mother cook some chicken. The food smelled delicious.
Then Tessa put some fruit in a bowl. First she put some oranges in the bowl. Then she put in some strawberries. After that she put some grapes on top of the fruit in the bowl.
Susie laid the table for dinner. She put the bowl of fruit on the table. Next to the fruit bowl she put a vase of flowers and Grandpa’s birthday cake. Everything was ready.
At eight o’clock the girls heard the door open. Dad came in with Grandpa and Grandma. Then Uncle Jack, Uncle Jim and Aunt Kathy came. The whole family had a lovely meal.
After dinner, everyone sang Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa and gave him a birthday card and a present. Then in was time for the birthday cake. It was delicious. Grandpa told lots of stories and jokes. Everyone had a lovely time and the girls stayed up late.
Put the sentences in right order.
1) Tessa prepared some vegetables and Susie helped Mother cook some chicken.
2) Susie laid the table for dinner.
3) After dinner everyone sang Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa and gave him a present.
4) Yesterday it was Grandpa’s birthday.
5) Then Tessa put some fruit in a bowl.
6) The girls helped their mother.
7) Dad came in with Grandpa and Grandma.
8) She put the bowl of fruit on the table.
9) Grandpa told lots of stories and jokes.
10) Then it was time for the birthday cake.
11) Next to the fruit bowl she put a vase of flowers and Grandpa’s birthday cake.

Tim loves to go with his mother when she goes grocery shopping. His favorite store is right next door to the grocery store. It is Billows Book Store. Tim goes straight to the bookstore when they get to the grocery store. Mom buys groceries. Tim’s favorite section is the sports section for children. They have all kinds of books about sports. There are magazines that tell everything about sports.

Tim likes sports and he spends a lot of time looking at the books and magazines in this section. He likes the area with children’s books, too. Tim always waits in the bookstore for Mom to come and get him. He chooses one book or a magazine and Mom buys it for him. It is a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
1. Why does Tim like to go grocery shopping with his Mom?
a.He goes to the ice cream shop.
b.He goes to the bookstore.
c.He can see all of his friends.
d.He likes to buy clothes.
2. When does Tim go to the bookstore?
a.on Friday morning b.on Saturday morning c.on Sunday afternoon d.on Saturday afternoon
3. What does Tim like to read about ?
a.animals b. sports  c. cars d. bikes
4. What does Tim's mother do when she comes to get Tim? him food   b.takes him to school  c.buys a book or magazine for him d.takes him to see his friends
5. Tim looks for sports books and _____ in the bookstore
a.newspapers b. videos  c. posters d. magazines
6. What sports does Tim like?
a. basketball  b. football  c. golf d. all of these

Becky was visiting Aunt Agatha at her house at the beach. It was a beautiful summer day. Becky had built a giant sand castle that morning. Aunt Agatha took pictures of the castle to send to Becky’s parents. It was a great big sand castle. Later that morning, Becky and Aunt Agatha went swimming in the ocean. It was fun to jump with the waves. Then, they went in the house and ate sandwiches and strawberries for lunch.

Becky wanted to play on the beach that afternoon. Aunt Agatha told her it was too hot to go outside without a hat on. Becky didn’t have a hat. Aunt Agatha told her not to worry, she could wear one of hers. Becky tried on four hats. The pink one was really pretty, but it had a big bow in the back that was too long for Becky. The green hat was too fancy for Becky. She did not like that hat at all. The blue hat was nice, but it had an ugly bird on it. Then, Becky saw a big brown hat with a yellow ribbon on it. That hat was made of straw. It was a perfect hat for the beach. It was too big for Becky’s head but she didn’t care. It was a great hat.
Answer the following questions 
1. Where was Becky?
a. at the store b. at the beach c. at school  d. at home
2. Who was Becky visiting?
a. her Grandparents b. her friends c. her sister d. her Aunt Agatha
3. Why didn’t Becky like the blue hat?
a. it was too fancy b. it was new c. it had an ugly bird on it d. it was old
4. Why didn’t Becky want to wear the pink hat?
a. the bow was too long b. it had a flower c. it had a bird on it d. it was dirty
5. Why did Aunt Agatha want Becky to wear a hat?
a. it was raining b. it was too hot c. it was cold d. it was snowing
6. Why did Becky like the brown hat? a. it was ugly b. it was perfect c. it was too big d. it was cold

My name is Annie and this is what I normally do. I love to walk on the mountain. During the week I wake up early and go for a small walk on the mountain. I usually go with my father or my brother. We like to get some fresh air before we start our day. We live in the country far away from the city. We think that our country life is wonderful because we are away from the noise and pollution of the city. We often walk for about one-half hour and then return to our home. I always take my bus after our walk and at about 8:30 a.m. and arrive at at school at 9:00 a.m. My father takes his car and goes to town to work. He works at a veterinary clinic. He is a vet and loves to help animals. We have 3 dogs and two cats.
On the week end we wake up early and go for a hike on the mountain. It is so nice to smell the fresh air and see the wild animals. We stay there for about three hours and bring our lunch with us. As you can see my family loves nature.
1.What does Annie love to do?
2. Who does she walk with?
3.Where does she live?
4. How long does she walk ?
5.What time does she arrive at school?
6.Where does her father work?
7. What do they do on the week end?
1.Annie is a vet.
2.Annie does not like the mountain.
3. Annie lives in the city.
4. Her father is a farmer.
5. They seldom walk on the mountain.
Fill in the gap with the right tense of the verb.
Annie_________( like) to walk on the mountain. During the week she ___________(wake up) early and ___________(go) for a small walk. She usually ________(go) with her father and brother. She__________(like) to get some fresh air. She_______ (live) in the city .
She always________ (take) the bus at 8:30. a.m. and ______(arrive) at school at 9:00 a.m.
Her father____________(take) his car and_________(go) to town to work.
He__________(work) at a clinic. He__________(love) animals.
They_______(like) to go to the mountain on the week end and___________(see) the animals.
Annie________(stay) there for about three hours with her family. Annie’s family ______(love) nature.
Dear Polina,
I am in Lviv. I came here four days ago and now I'm with Dmytro's family. At first the weather was terrible and we didn't go for a walk. The weekend was great, it was warm and there was no rain. Dmytro showed me Lviv. It is a fantastic city! We saw wonderful places — old parks, churches, galleries and museums. In the museum I learnt a lot about the history of Lviv, it was really exciting. We heard interesting stories about famous people, and I took some photos. It was half past four when we came back home. Yesterday it was Sunday, the twenty-ninth of March. Dmytro's mum and I did some shopping in the city centre. There were lots of people at the department store. I bought some souvenirs for my friends and a teddy bear for my little brother. Dmytro gave me a present for my book collection — "Treasure Island" by Stevenson. It is an old book — R. L. Stevenson wrote it in 1883. I made new friends here, that's why I enjoyed my holidays.

Love, Katia
Choose the best item to complete the sentences. 
1. It is Katia’s _____________ from Lviv.
a) letter; b) report; c) interview.
2. On Saturday and Sunday the weather was ___________
a) warm; b) rainy; c) worse.
3. At the weekend the children visited a _________
a) cinema; b) theatre; c) museum.
4. Katia had a ________
a) walkman; b) camera; c) CD.
5. They came back home at _________
a) 3:30; b) 4:15; c) 4:30.
6. There were lots of people in the city centre on the 29th of March because it was ____ .
A) Sunday; b) a holiday; c) a party.
7. The girl bought a _______________ for her brother.
a) new toy; b) book; c) photo.
8. Katia is a ___________ collector.
a) stamp; b) book; c) toy
9. Dmytro gave Kate a present _____________ .
a) a post card b) a book c) a bookcase
10. Kate ____________ her holidays.
a) liked; b) will forget; c) didn’t like

Dolphins are some of the most playful and intelligent animals on our planet. They are not fish, but are mammals. Dolphins can't breathe water like fish, but need to come to the surface to breath air.
Dolphins are very social animals. Many dolphins travel in groups called pods. Sometimes pods can group together to make giant pods as large as 1000 or more dolphins. Baby dolphins are called calves.
They like to jump and play and do acrobatic spins in the air.

White Fang
The wolf pups ore hungry, but their mother can’t find enough food. Soon, there is only one pup left. He drinks his mother's milk and slowly grows stronger. He is fierce, but he is playful, too. \When his mother leaves the cave to look for food, he explores the cave, but he is afraid to go outside. However, as he grows older, he wants to find out what the world is like outside the cove. He learns to hide in the long grass or in the bushes. He learns to hunt and he catches small animals to eat. Other animals try to attack him, but he learns to fight. His mother is proud of him. She can see that he is becoming a great wolf. One dog, while the young wolf is exploring, he comes to o village. He sees a group of men and he is afraid. One of the men tries to pick him up. The pup growls and shows his sharp, white teeth. The men lough. "Look at those teeth" they say. "Let's call him ‘White Fang." Another man tries to pick White Fang up, but White Fang bites the man’s hand. The man hits White Fang and White Fang cries. His mother hears him and comes to find him. When she sees the men, she lies down on the ground. She respects humans. A man decides to keep White Fang and his mother. At first, White Fang wants to escape. But the man feeds White Fang and gives him a dry place to sleep. When other dogs try to attack White Fang, the man chases them away. "Men can protect me and care for me, White Fang thinks, "It is difficult to be a wolf, but it is easy to be o dog." 
Read again and match the sentence halves.
1 The young wolf explores the cave.                      a. because men can protect him
2 The man call the wolf White Fang.                      b. because he has sharp white teeth
3 White Fang thinks it’s easy to be a dog                c. when his mother leaves to find food.
4 White Fang’s mother lies in the ground               d. because she respects humans. 


Do you like going to the zoo? A zoo is where lots of different animals from all over the world live - big and small, fast and slow, angry and kind. But can you see the blue whale there at the zoo? No, you can’t. The blue whale is the largest animal on earth. It lives in the ocean waters. And the Pacific Ocean is the deepest of all. But there at the zoo you can see other interesting animals. You can see elephants. 
They are the largest land animals. Or giraffes. They are the tallest. The giraffe has got the longest neck that helps it to eat leaves from the tree tops. Do you know what animal is the fastest? Do you think it is a lion or a tiger? No, it isn’t. The cheetah is the fastest land animal. And how about the largest bird? Any idea? It is an ostrich but it can’t fly.
My favourite animal is a monkey. I like monkeys because they are so funny. I think monkeys are the funniest of all the animals on earth. What is your favourite animal?
Choose the correct words to complete the statements
1.The blue whale lives
a)  in the sea           b) in the ocean         c) at the zoo
2. The ostrich is the____________  bird.
a) funniest            b)   fastest          c)largest
3. The giraffe is the ___________land animal.
a) taller            b)     largest        c) tallest
4. The tiger is not so __________  as the cheetah.
a)  fast           b)   bigger          c) faster

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