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Joy and Heron

A fisherman and his dog are going fishing. The heron steals the worms. At first the dog is upset, but then he learns why the heron did it and decides to be kind.
This story is full of moral. We always judge someone’s mistake so fast without knowing the truth. 
If we help someone else, we'll get more as rewards.

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WH question words

who - хто                             whom - кого
where - де, куди            what time - о котрій
why - чому                            how many -  скільки  
when - коли                            how much - скільки
how - як                                    how long - як довго
what - що                           how often - як часто
which - котрий                   how far - як далеко
whose - чий           how old - скільки років

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Online ESL Classroom Tools

In the world we live in is, technology is literally everywhere and the kids adapt to it more than anyone else. For students of all ages, it is absolutely natural to use technology in every aspect of their lives. This is why digital tools in classroom are becoming more and more crucial. 
This collection of free online classroom tools is a great helper for teachers to improve their online and face-to-face classes. 
Classroom Dice – A simple virtual dice that can be used on any device
Date and Weather Interactive Chart (New) – Our no fuss interactive date and weather chart is a great way practice the date and weather each day with your students.
Multiple Virtual Dice – Need more than one die? Click here and you can add as many virtual dice as you need.
Customizable Classroom Dice – Need a die/dice with lots of extra features? This is the one for you. Choose the number of die, how many faces and much, much more.
Classroom Soundboard – This tool helps teachers manage classroom transitions with simple sounds that they can assign to different classroom tasks e.g listen to the teacher, change groups, go back to your desk etc.
Quick QR Code Generator – Create quick, no fuss QR codes to share links, vocabulary definitions or any other data with your students. Just paste the info and instantly get a QR to add to your lesson or print out. No fuss and no hassle.
Cipher (Code) Making Tool – Make secret ciphers quickly and easily with our new Cipher tool.
Random Letter Generator – Generate random letters from the alphabet with this simple letter generating tool.
Random Number Generator – play bingo, practice numbers or pick who goes first, all with this random number generator.
Tell the Time – Practice telling the time with this free online tool for teens and adults.
ESL Category Generator – Generate categories to get your students practicing vocabulary. Great activity to be used with a ball or in online classes to get students thinking at the start of class as a warmer.
Student Name Picker – A random name selector for you to use in your classroom when choosing a student to complete a task, answer a question, or participate in an activity.
Simple Student Name Picker – Another tool to randomly select a student’s name from class.
Spin the Wheel – Spin the wheel is a simple way of awarding points to students in a fun and interactive way.
Classroom Coin Flip – Flip a virtual coin to decide teams, who’s first and much more.
Online Scoreboard – Can be used with multiple teams or students. Built in timer and score counter
Classroom Score Board – Keep score with this interactive classroom score board.
Classroom Timer – Keep a track of time with this handy timer.
Rhyming Word Generator – Find your inner poet with the help of this rhyming word tool
Random Adjective Generator – Generate adjectives from our list of over 4,000 adjectives.
Word Counter Tool – Use this tool when marking students’ writing to check word count, paragraphs, commonly used words and more in a flash.

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Reading comprehension

King penguins are birds but they do not fly. They are very good swimmers. They use their wings as flippers as they swim. King penguins can walk on land and can hop from rock to rock. They love to slide on their bellies on the ice and snow. King penguins can dive up to 900 feet deep as they hunt for fish to eat. Mother and father king penguins work together to take care of their babies. The mother lays an egg and then goes to find food. The father keeps the egg warm by holding it on his feet under his belly. When the mother comes back with food for the baby, the father goes out to sea to find food for himself.
1. King penguins cannot
a. swim in the water
b. hop from rock to rock 
c. fly to the sea
2. A king penguin keeps its egg warm by
a. holding the egg on its feet under its belly
b. putting the egg in the sun 
c. making a big nest
3. Penguins use their wings
a. to fly in the air 
b. to keep their eggs warm
c. as flippers as they swim
4. King penguins eat
a. fish
b. seals
c. snakes