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Change Seats If

‘Change Seats If‘ is an exciting and fun activity that is very effective in improving students’ listening skills. This activity is a great way to end a busy class and or to burn off extra energy and help focus your students. Students are sure to enjoy this active listening activity.

Cave People

Cave People
Cave people lived thousand years ago,
They lived in a cave, it was their home.
They made a fire and cooked some meat,
They didn’t have towns and didn’t have streets.
Cave people went fishing and hunting too.
They liked to pick berries and mushrooms in woods.
They didn’t have dresses and didn’t have skirts.
They didn’t have jeans, they didn’t have shirts.
They ate bananas, they ate some nuts.
They didn’t eat pasta and pizza but…
They didn’t have homework and didn’t have schools
And their life was really cool!

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Інтернет-олімпіада «На Урок»

Запрошую всіх учнів 
до 22 листопада взяти участь у безкоштовній 
інтернет-олімпіаді "Осінь  2021" на платформі "На Урок"

English Teachers Webinar Series

2021-2022 academic year is the end of primary school section for the New Ukrainian School (NUS) Reform launched by the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine. 
As assessment plays an important role in the process of teaching and learning, Cambridge Assessment English have been in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science to launch the "Cambridge Assessment Project for English Teachers" in Ukraine.