Казки англійською мовою

Spot and the Chickens
Spot is a little dog. He is black and white. He lives in a little doghouse. Spot likes to play. He wants to have somebody to play with.
He sees three little yellow chickens. He wants to play with the chickens. Spot runs after the chickens. The chickens run away from Spot and say, "Peep, peep, peep ..."
Spot runs and jumps, but the chickens don't want to play with Spot. They say, "Peep, peep, peep..."
Mother Hen sees Spot. She runs up to Spot and pecks him on his black nose. Little Spot says, "Bow, wow-ow..."
Now Spot doesn't want to play with the chickens.

The Fox and the Crow
A Crow once sat in a tree. She had a large piece of cheese in her mouth. She wanted to eat it, but suddenly she saw a Fox. The Fox came up to the tree. He looked up and saw the Crow. He saw the cheese also. The Fox wanted to get the cheese.
“How beautiful you are, Mrs. Crow! What big eyes you have. What a pity you cannot sing.”
The Crow opened her mouth and said: “Of course I can sing. Car-r! Car-r!”
When the Crow opened her mouth, the piece of cheese fell out. The Fox ran up to the cheese and quickly ate it up.
“Thank you very much,” said he. “The cheese was good and you sang well. What a pity you don’t think well!”

Two Birds and a Frog
The Frog lived in a lake. It had two friends, two big birds. But one day birds wanted to go to another lake.
“My good friends take me with you,” said the frog. “All right,” said one of the birds. “Do you see this stick? I shall take one end of the stick; my friend will take the other end. And you must take the stick in your mouth in the middle. But you must not speak! Do not open your mouth!”
“All right!” said the frog. So one bird took one end of the stick in its beak. Another bird took the other end. The frog took the stick in its mouth in the middle.
And they flew to another lake. When they flew they saw many children in the field. And the children saw the birds too.
“Oh, look!” they cried. “What is it? What are the birds carrying? Is it a big clock?”
The frog opened the mouth and said: :”I am not a clock? I am a frog!” And flop! The frog fell down to the ground.
What a silly frog!

The Lion and the Mouse
The Lion, who is very tired after his day's work, is sleeping in the forest. The Mouse runs over him and awakes him. The Lion is very angry, and he lays his paw upon the little Mouse. He wants to kill her, but the Mouse asks him not to do it.
She asks so hard that the Lion lets the Mouse go. The little Mouse is very thankful. "Noble Lion, I may help you some day," says the Mouse. The Lion laughs. How can such a little animal help him!
Some days later the Lion falls into a net. He tries to get free, but the net is very strong, and he cannot do it. The Lion roars with pain. The little Mouse hears his voice, and runs to him. She sees the Lion in the net and wants to help him. She works with her sharp teeth for a long time. At last the little Mouse bites the rope through and sets the Lion free.

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