The Alphabet

Learning the alphabet is necessary in every language, so here you have songs and activities to learn the English alphabet and practise spelling.
Enjoy yourself!
British English:

Pay attention: Letter "Z" has a different pronunciation 
in American English!!

Letter "Z" sounds: /zi:/ in American English, 
instead of /zed/ as in British English.
If you want to learn more about English sounds, 
have a look at this post:
English sounds

If you want to watch some short videos
and learn to read,
have a look at this post: 

Easy Phonics

The Letter A Song                    The Letter N Song    
The Letter B Song                    The Letter O Song 
The Letter C Song                    The Letter P Song   
The Letter D Song                    The Letter Q Song
The Letter E Song                     The Letter R Song 
The Letter F Song                     The Letter S Song
The Letter G Song                    The Letter T Song
The Letter H Song                    The Letter U Song
The Letter I Song                      The Letter V Song
The Letter J Song                      The Letter W Song
The Letter KSong                     The Letter X Song
The Letter L Song                    The Letter Y Song 
                                                  The Letter Z Song    US "Zee" version

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