This is Mary. She’s eleven. She’s got long brown hair and brown eyes. Her ears are small and her cheeks are chubby.
She gets up at 7 o’clock in the morning, has a shower, gets dressed and has breakfast. She usually has a toast and coffee. She doesn’t like cheese. Then the girl goes to school. She travels by bus. She has lunch at school with her friends. They sometimes have pizza and milkshake. After the lessons they play in the park and they like flying a kite. Mary goes home at 5pm. She has dinner with her mother and father. Her mother likes cooking! Mary goes to bed at 10pm.
The girl lives in the city. There is a swimming pool next to her house but her school is far. There are lots of shops and supermarkets in her street. There is a café behind her house and Mary goes there at the weekend with her family.
There is a market in front of her house. There are a lot of fruit. She likes eating watermelons and mangoes but she doesn’t like grapes. She likes vegetables.
Now the girl is in her bedroom. It’s big. There are two windows, there is a wardrobe in the room and there is her desk next to the window. There is a chair next to her desk. Now her room is a mess! There are her jeans on the floor and there is one sock on the sofa and one sock on the lamp. Her mother is angry. She says: You can’t go to the park, please tidy up your room! Put those jeans in the wardrobe and find the socks!
Mary likes doing athletics and playing table tennis. Going swimming is fun! But she doesn’t like playing basketball. She is very short!
In the summer Mary would like to go camping with her grandfather! She wouldn’t like to help her grandmother in the garden. It’s boring!
Write YES or NO:
1. Mary has got short brown hair. _________
2. She has a toast and coffee for breakfast. _________
3. The children don’t have pizza for lunch. ________
4. Her school is next to her house. _________
5. There is a café in front of her house. _________
6. Mary likes mangoes but doesn’t eat watermelons. _________
7. There is a desk behind the wardrobe in her room. _________
8. Her room is a mess. _________
9. There is one sock under the sofa. _________
10. Her mum is scared because there is a mess. _________
11. She doesn’t like playing basketball. _________
12. She would like to go camping with her grandfather. _________
Choose the right answer:
1. The girl gets up at
a) eight o’clock b) seven o’clock c)nine o’clock
2. She goes to school by:
a) car b) helicopter c) bus
3. There is a … next to her house.
a) supermarket b) café c) swimming pool
4. Mary doesn’t like eating
a) watermelons b) potatoes c) grapes
5. There is a chair
a) next to her desk b) behind the wardrobe  c) under her desk
6. The girl’s mother asks the girl
a) to find the jeans  b) to go to the park   c) to clean the room.
Chris and Carol
Hello! I am a boy. My name is Chris. I am nine. I live in London with my family: mum, dad and my sister Carol.
I like playing football and swimming. I play football with my friends at school. Every Sunday I go to the swimming pool with my dad. I have got many toys: cars, planes, balls, robots, but my favourite toy is a kite. I like to go to the park with my family. We have a picnic and fly a kite. That’s really funny!
Carol is seven. She has got many dolls. She likes playing with her dolls. My sister also has a big doll-house. Carol has got a nice little kitten Snow. It is really white as snow. Snow likes to sleep and to play with a little ball. Carol feeds Snow every day. The kitten likes meat, fish and milk.

1. Chris and Carol are
a) two brothers.
b) a brother and a sister.
c) friends.
d) two sisters.

2. Chris likes swimming,
a) playing basketball and flying a kite.
b) flying a kite and playing tennis.
c) playing football and flying a kite.
d) sleeping and playing with a ball.

3. Carol has got many dolls and
a) a big doll-house.
b) a little doll-house.
c) many doll-houses.
d) a big teddy-bear.

4. Snow is
a) a little white puppy.
b) a little teddy-bear.
c) a little red kitten.
d) a little white kitten.

Do you know me, friends? I am Misty, a mouse. I am happy. I am very happy. Do you know why? Because last Sunday I was two!
Early in the morning when I opened my eyes I saw my mother. She was standing near my bed with a large box in her hands. She said, “Many happy returns of the day. And that is for you.” And she gave me the box. I looked into it. There were two big red apples, three pears and seven plums. There were five nice red carrots in the box, too. I thanked my mother.
In the evening my friends came. They gave me a cake. They know that I like cakes very much.
We had a lot of fun. We jumped, ran about the house, sang songs and played hide- and- seek. I was very happy.
Agree or disagree.
1. Misty is a nice little cat. -
2. Last Sunday she was five. -
3. Mother gave her a lot of toys. -
4. There were seven plums in the box. +
5. Misty thanked her mother.+
6. Mitsi’s friends came in the morning. -
7. They gave her a cake.+
8. Misty doesn’t like cakes. -
9. They played chess. -
10. They had a lot of fun. +
11. They jumped, ran about the… (house)
12. They played … (hide- and- seek)

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