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Spelling the sound (oi, oy)

Існує два способи написання звуку [oi] - це використання oi та oy
Є кілька порад, які допоможуть вам правильно писати ці звуки: 
Використовуйте oi в середині слова. 
Використовуйте oy в кінці.

                           oi as in oil                                          oy asin boy
                         boil        noise                                           coy
                         soil        choice                                          joy
                         spoil      voise                                            toy
                         coin       point                                            cloy
                         join        moist                                           ploy
                         groin      loin                                            joyful

Work out which letters are missing

Let's all j__n in the singing.
That b__  has his faviurite t__.
The game was sp__t by foul play.
Keep the n__se down, I'm resting.
This garden s__l is good quality.
What is the p__nt of all this work?
The chocolate cake is very m___st. 

Цей список допоможе вам потренуватися в написанні звуку [oi]. 
Will you boil the kettle for tea?
They wrapped the sandwiches in foil.
This garden soil is good quality.
Please don't spoil the game by cheating.
He began to toil up the hill.
He put the coin in his wallet.
How can I join in your classroom?
This chocolate cake is very moist.
There is a good choice of food in the canteen. 
His voice was very sad.
Did you hear that strange noise?
The boy ate some cake. 
The baby has brought them great joy.
She loved her toy train.

Roy and Joy 
Circle or highlight all the words you see with ol and oy: 
Roy was a boy.  He wanted a toy.  He needed coins to get the toy.  He asked his sister Joy.  Joy was playing outside in the soil.  Roy said.  "Can I have some coins for a toy, Joy? Joy said yes. So. Joy gave Roy the coins to get his toy. Roy got the toy and he got Joy a toy pig that said OINK.

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