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My favourite season
  I’d like to tell you about my favourite season. It is spring, of course. Three spring months are very different. March is often cool and windy. April is the shortest of the three months and it is rainy sometimes. May is the warmest of all the three months and the most beautiful. The days are longer now and the nights are shorter.
   Look through the window. What do you see? The sky is blue. The sun shines brightly and everything is bright and colourful. The birds return from the south countries. The first grass appears. We can see the spring flowers everywhere: tender snowdrops, yellow daffodils, tulips of different colours. The first green leaves appear on the trees. They are tiny at first and they glitter in the sun.  All the spring colours are very bright.
  Spring is also the favourite season for gardeners. They prepare the land for planting the seeds of vegetables and flowers. They water the trees, the bushes and the plants.
  Spring is also the season when we all celebrate the greatest holiday – Easter. 

 Spring Quiz:                                                     
1. What is the first spring month?       
Пов’язане зображення2. What is the last spring month?              
3. What spring month has 30 days?    
4. What is your favourite spring month?     
5. What spring holidays do you know?     
6. What is everywhere on the ground?        
7. What is the first spring flower?                    
8. Who returns to your country in spring?      
9. Who collects nectar on the flowers?          

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