Дистанційне навчання, 4 клас

Уважно прочитайте речення та оберіть правильний варіант.



Виконайте завдання у зошитах
Put the words in the right order. - Поставте слова у правильному порядку.
1. gets / up / very / Paul / usually / early
2. the / are / the / playing / garden / in / children
3. father / in / works / a / my / bank
4. am / I / film / watching / a
5. too / our / speaks / fast / teacher
6. every / ride / school / morning / bike / to / I / my
7. like / Sundays / they / visit / to / us / on
8. live / a / they / house / very / in / big
9. and / are / Jane / their / Kate / lessons / doing
10. raining / it /  is
11. fly / when / it / they / kite / is / their / windy
4B, 4C
Пригадайте, як ставити запитання до речення у Present Simple:He goes to work by car every day.
He doesn't go to work by car every day.
Does he go to work by car every day?
Does he go to work by car or by bus every day?
When does he go to work by car?
Where does he go by car every day?
What does he do every day?
Who goes to work by car every day?

Потренуйтесь ставити запитання до речень. Запишіть у зошити.
Tom visits his friends in Poland on holidays.
She helps her granny in the garden every Sunday. 
Прочитайте та дайте відповіді на запитання (письмово, у зошитах)
Do you like autumn? 
Hi! I’m Ann and I’d like to tell you about my favourite season - autumn. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like summer, no; I love it because I have holidays and a lot of fun in summer. But I also like autumn. It is very beautiful. Look at the trees, their leaves are yellow, red, brown, green. They fall down on the ground slowly and the ground looks like a magic carpet. I like to walk in autumn looking at the trees which are so magnificent that sometimes I think it is a fairy tale. My friends and I like to throw leaves at each other. It’s such a fun! It is sunny autumn. People gather crops: vegetables, fruit, wheat, rye. But autumn isn’t often very pleasant. It can be rainy, even snowy sometimes and cool. Then you have to put on warm raincoats or coats, caps or hats, even gloves, boots. I must confess that I also like rainy weather. I have a nice pink umbrella and it protects me from rain. I love autumn. 
Questions: 1. What seasons does Ann like?
2. Why does she like summer?
3. Why does she like autumn? 
4. What does she like to do in autumn? 
5. What do people gather in autumn? 
6. What clothes do people wear in autumn?

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